Faucet List

This is a list of faucets to get absolutely free bitcoin. All you have to do is get a wallet, I DO NOT reccomend an online wallet, you should get one such as MultiBit.

QoinPro- My favorite faucet, because you don't have to visit it constantly. Just sign up for an account and they automatically add bitcoin along with other altcoins to your account daily.

CoinboxA list of multiple faucets that lumps all of your payments into this one site. Handy little faucet list, pays out at 0.00005500 BTC.

freebitcoin- You can get a lot of bitcoin from this faucet, depending on how lucky you are, and if you like to gamble. Hourly freerolls give you up to 0.3 BTC, and you can take a chance to multiply your bitcoin in the meantime with their Hi-Lo numbers game.

Land of BitcoinTakes a little while to earn bitcoin with this faucet, but still worth it. You can also sell your Daily Bitcoins ad vouchers to them for a chance to win a large amount of bitcoin playing the island game.

Bitcoin Faucet TK- Pays a large amount of bitcoin every 6 hours.

Daily BitcoinsPayout can be very high here, depending on how you use it. Gives you prizes anywhere between 0.000003 BTC and 0.001 BTC. If you don't like the prize you got, you can simply keep refreshing until you get a prize you want! Also gives vouchers for ads, and PeerBet users!

BitHits-Gives a small amount of bitcoin once every hour.

Bitcoins4Me-Gives about 0.000002 BTC once every hour.

Bitcoiner-A once daily faucet, gives multiple amounts of bitcoin, high payout.

Bunny Run- Race bunnies to get free bitcoin! You get more if your bunny wins, and a little less for 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.

Freebitcoin.nl- I have no idea if this one actually pays out or not, it takes a week or so to get to the payout threshold, which is very high at 0.01BTC!!! But considering that you get 0.001 BTC per click, once every 2 hours, should be well worth it!!!

mmoclub- Get anywhere between 0.00001BTC to 0.000001BTC, picked at random. You can visit this faucet hourly!


  1. Here is site that actually pays very well. http://www.gamechangerdaily.com

  2. Most of this faucets are unavailabe at the moment.

    Need a good list of working faucets. Here is a good point to start.