Some of these have a house edge, some do not. ALL will eat your bitcoins if you aren't careful!!!! Remember to always quit while you're ahead!

BTCRock- A neat little game where you get 5 chances to click squares and uncover a pile of bitcoin. If you uncover the pile, you currently get 0.00005 btc, although the prize changes. Even if you don't uncover the bitcoin, you still get a smaller prize.

Bitcoin Video CasinoVideo Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Keno, Slots, Dice, lots of fun games, with a fairly low house edge, most of them 0.5%.

PeerbetA gambling site with no house edge!!! You can buy tickets for raffles with other players, or spin the wheel and multiply your bitcoin.

Satoshi Mines- Fun little game, similar to Minesweeper. Place your bet, choose how many mines, and click any number of tiles you wish. I recommend choosing 1 mine, and clicking only 1 tile, there is only a 1:25 chance to hit the mine this way!

MinecraftCCGet paid to play minecraft! You are paid up to 0.2BTC per week, depending on how many unique blocks you mine.

CoinController- A game where you buy various coins, and can gain half of the percentage increase for the next buyer. You also get your own personal advertisement underneath whatever coin you buy!

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